6 Signs Your Water Heater is About to Fail

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6 Signs Your Water Heater is About to FailWater heaters are one of those modern luxuries that you may not think too much about unless yours stops working suddenly and you are left without hot water until you can get it repaired or replaced. Your water heater may last for many years with proper maintenance, but there are a few signs that yours may be about to fail:

1. Less Available Hot Water. If you notice that the water gets cold during your shower in less time than it used to, your water heater may not be functioning as well as it should.

2. Age of Your Water Heater. Water heaters should last anywhere between 15 and 20 years, so if you have reached that milestone, you can avoid headaches by replacing the unit now instead of waiting for it to completely fail.

3. Corrosion on the Exterior. Corrosion means that your water heater needs to be replaced because once it reaches the point of visible corrosion, it often cannot be repaired.

4. Increased Heating Costs. If you have noticed an increase in your heating bill in recent months, it may be that your water heater is not working efficiently and is using more energy to heat the water.

5. Leaks. If you notice water around your water heater, check to see if the fittings or connections to the tank are tight. If the connections are dry, it may indicate that there is a small fracture in the tank that leaks water when the metal heats and expands. Small leaks can quickly turn into bigger leaks, and your water heater will more than likely need to be replaced.

6. Noise. If you can hear banging sounds when your water heater is heating up, it could mean that sediment has built up inside the tank over many years of use. When the sediment is heated over and over again, it eventually hardens, causing your water heater to become less efficient and may also lead to leaks due to the wear on the metal tank.

Water heaters are relatively inexpensive to replace, and you certainly don’t want to be without one. If you have noticed any of these typical signs that your water heater needs to be replaced, our highly trained technicians are here to get the job done right. Please call us at Workman Appliance Repair today!