Appliance Repair: Can You Do It Yourself?

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Major household appliances don’t come cheap, and when it comes to appliance repair, you may be wondering if you can do it yourself rather than calling in a professional.

Appliance Repair: Can You Do It Yourself?

The easiest way to prevent repairs is to read the manual that comes with your appliance and do preventive maintenance on a regular basis. Simple things like cleaning the lint filter on your dryer and cleaning the coils on your refrigerator can prevent problems from happening in the first place.

More often than not, appliance breakdowns are due to very minor malfunctions or problems. If your appliance has started giving you trouble, there are a few very easy things to check before calling in the experts. Sometimes all you need to do is push a reset button or flip a circuit breaker to restart your appliance. Manufacturers and repair companies will often post articles on their websites with simple steps that a homeowner can follow to diagnose a problem.

Often times, simple appliance repair can be done by purchasing the part and learning how to replace or repair by watching an online instructional video. Service calls are expensive, and you can save yourself a lot of money by doing a little research. Be sure to unplug your appliance or flip the circuit breaker before doing a repair.

If you have given it your best shot but still find yourself in need of appliance repair, or if you just aren’t comfortable trying, we totally understand! Our highly trained technicians are here to get the job done right. Please call us at Workman Appliance Repair today!