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Our experienced technicians can perform microwave repair on units from nearly all brands.

A microwave is a staple appliance in many kitchens. You might use your microwave to warm up leftovers or make popcorn for movie night with your family. Regardless of how you use it, you always want to make sure that the appliance is working properly. Some of the most common problems that may occur include your microwave not turning on, an issue with the heating element, and uneven heating. You might also find that the turntable won’t turn, which also impacts the functionality of the microwave and its ability to heat your food evenly. Even the touchpad might stop responding.

Microwave Repair in Van Buren, Arkansas

When you face any of these problems with your microwave, your first instinct might be to replace the appliance. However, this can be an expensive solution, and one that isn’t totally necessary. In many cases, a microwave repair is more affordable than a new unit. When your microwave is still in otherwise good condition, contact us at Workman Appliance Repair to schedule a microwave repair service. This is just one of the appliance repair services we offer to those located throughout Van Buren, Arkansas and much of the surrounding area.

Our experienced technicians can perform microwave repair on units from nearly all brands. We can often accommodate same-day repair requests, and if we have the parts needed to perform the repair, we’ll get it taken care of right then so you can get back to using your microwave once again. If your unit is acting up, give us a call for professional microwave repair.

At Workman Appliance Repair, we offer microwave repair services to those in Fort Smith, Van Buren, Alma, Fayetteville, Springdale, Booneville, Paris, Mansfield, and Charleston, Arkansas, as well as Sallisaw, Oklahoma.


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