Frequently Asked Questions

1.My washer is leaking, what does this mean?

Unfortunately, this can mean a variety of things. The best plan of action to take care of this is to contact a professional to repair your washer. If you let this issue continue it can actually cause floor rot damage below the machines.

2.The dryer spins but does not get hot, why?

This means something has interrupted the heat source. Sometimes it means that a circuit breaker has blown, you will want to reset or replace it. This is a good time to also contact a professional as the voltage can cause serious harm.

3.My refrigerator and freezer are not cold

This can be caused by different problems. The main source is typically a clogged coil. The automatic defrost system could also be the culprit as if the problem is frost building up, this can cause the evaporator fan to go bad.

4.How often should I do routine maintenance on my dishwasher?

It is recommended to clean your dishwasher weekly

5.Why is my microwave plate not spinning?

This usually means the motor of the turntable is not working correctly. You may need to replace the motor or the turn table as a whole. Consult with a professional before you ever work on an appliance you are unfamiliar with.