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We are your best bet for all your furnace repair needs

We might not get as cold here in Fort Smith, Arkansas as some other areas of the country, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t urgent when you need furnace repair. At Workman Heating, Air and Appliance Repair, we have the expertise to quickly diagnose the problem and go over your options for furnace repair or replacement and help you decide what is best for your situation and budget. Your comfort is important to us, so our goal is to fix your heating issue the same day you call us. If we do need to order a part, we’ll find it quickly and handle your furnace repair as soon as possible.

Furnace Repair in Fort Smith, Arkansas

We are your best bet for all your furnace repair needs, and we are also a valuable resource helping you avoid the need for repair. Our HVAC maintenance plan includes inspecting your system in the spring and fall for any problems, as well as cleaning the components and checking connections and visible signs of damage and wear. You can count on us to utilize quality furnace repair parts so you aren’t back in the same boat a few weeks later.

You don’t have to wait until your furnace fails or your rooms grow chilly to call for furnace repair. In fact, if you notice anything amiss, it is best to have it checked out while the issue might be more manageable to resolve. Odd odors or sounds, a higher utility bill than expected, and uneven heating throughout your home are all valid reasons to schedule a furnace repair service visit. Contact us today with any questions you might have about any of the services we offer.