Water Heater Tune-Up, Fort Smith, AR

Part of a water heater tune-up is flushing the tank to remove sediment.

You wouldn’t expect your car to last a long time if you didn’t get a tune-up regularly, and your water heater isn’t any different. At Workman Appliance Repair, we recommend an annual water heater tune-up to keep your water heater performing reliably and efficiently.

Water Heater Tune-Up in Fort Smith, Arkansas

Part of a water heater tune-up involves flushing the tank to remove sediment. If you are on well water with more sediment than usual, it is a good idea to have this service done more frequently. This isn’t the only part of the process, either. We’ll also check the various components for signs of wear or other issues. If we see something that isn’t likely to last till your next water heater tune-up, we will bring it to your attention so you can decide whether to be proactive to avoid a surprise cold shower or wait a bit longer to take care of it.

We will also let you know if it looks like your water heater should be replaced soon. If it is showing signs of imminent tank failure or it is an older model that isn’t very efficient, we may recommend considering replacement. We work on almost all types of brands of water heaters. Just let us know what kind you have when you call us for water heater tune-up services, and we will advise you whether we can properly serve you.

If you are in Fort Smith, Arkansas and have questions about our water heater services, or would like to schedule a water heater tune-up appointment, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

At Workman Appliance Repair, we offer water heater tune-up services to those in Fort Smith, Van Buren, Alma, Fayetteville, Springdale, Booneville, Paris, Mansfield, and Charleston, Arkansas, as well as Sallisaw, Oklahoma.